Occurrence of wall cracks are a common phenomena in buildings. Wall cracks can occur when the building is settling, due to natural ageing process, or due to structural problems of the building.

Majority of the wall cracks in a well constructed building occur due to the loss of moisture at the drying stage or due to changes in weather conditions. Unlike the structural cracks which require serious repair interventions, these surface cracks can be easily corrected with BESTBUILD CRACKSEAL.

CRACKSEAL is a fine cementitious polymer-modified powder developed for filling static cracks of 3 to 8 mm width in plastered surface.

Some of the key features of BESTBUILD CRACKSEAL are
1. Easy to use
2. Strong adhesion
3. Water resistant
4. Non-shrink
5. Non-sagging

Filling the surface cracks with BESTBUILD CRACKSEAL will enhance the aesthetics of the wall, subsequent painting quality and life of the surface.

For more information about CRACKSEAL or about the BESTBUILD range of products, please visit www.bestbuild.co.in.