While constructing your dream home or while visiting under construction apartments, safety doesn’t come naturally to mind. But, a minor accident or mishap can ruin the journey towards owning a dream home. Even after your dream home is complete, the memories of any unfortunate incident can ruin your stay. Moreover, it is our responsibility to make sure that the people involved in building our new home are safe. Here are 10 easy ways by which you and the people working on your dream home can be safe while constructing your dream home.

1) Look Everywhere!

You need to have the eyes of a hawk at construction sites. Always look above, do not stand immediately below hanging loads or construction activity. Look below for undulations, pits and stray objects while walking. Look on all sides for any danger at all times! Keep reminding construction staff to do the same.


2) Use Safety Products: Helmet, Goggles, Gloves, Mask, Ear Plugs & Shoes

Buying these 6 items costs only a few hundred rupees per person. That is a small fraction of the investment you will make in your house.

Wear appropriate safety equipment. For example when putty scrapping is going on, it is important to wear mask, goggles and some protection for hair. Fine dust is potentially harmful for health.
Use products that are appropriate for the situation. For example, safety shoes provide protection to toes from falling objects. Therefore, do not prefer regular shoes over safety shoes.


3) Bright Clothing

Always visit your construction site wearing bright coloured clothing, especially at night. Ask your construction staff to do the same. Easy visibility can prevent accidents during construction activity.

4) Lighting

Liberally use lighting at construction site, when natural light is low or when working in the night. Keep emergency lamps at all areas where work is going on. Avoid dark areas at all costs, they are an invitation to accidents.


5) Fire Extinguisher & Medical Kit

Always keep a fire extinguishers and a medical kit on site. You never know when you will need it.


6) Ambulance & Nearest Medical Facilities

Along with ambulance contact numbers, print the location of nearest medical facilities along with their contact details and display prominently on site.


7) Electrical Equipment

On site, it is common to see unbranded electrical equipment being used with poor wiring, no plugs and no earthing. Always insist on usage of good quality electrical equipment on site with a safe power source and reliable connections.


8) Use Modern Scaffolding

For any structure that is one floor or above, always use modern factory-made steel scaffolding. They are available on rent and much safer than using casuarina tied with rope. They can withstand higher loads without bending. Some products also provide attachments that prevent workers from falling down from them.


9) Use Modern Ladders

Similarly, use modern factory-made ladders at your construction site at all times to prevent mishaps.


10) Fall Protection

Even for small structures, fall protection mechanism like nets or cushions are necessary. Protection is needed not only for the exterior (painting exterior of building) but also while doing work inside (painting at a height inside). A small slip can be fatal. The risk is simply not worth it.