Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences are a great option for homes, parks, gardens, factories, institutions and playgrounds. They are easy and fast to install and cost effective. Unlike other fencing, they allow for a full view of the asset being protected. A beautiful home or a garden need not be hidden behind an opaque wall! Before purchasing a Chain Link Fence, the following factors need to be kept in mind.

1) Which steel has been used?

Chain Link Fence wire made from good quality steel supplied by reputed manufacturers will have adequate strength. They will perform their core task of protection from intrusion as well as withstand impact forces that take place, such as objects falling on them due to an incident. Before purchasing, always ask for the steel from which the Chain Link Fence is made.

2) Is the wire coating given by hot dip method or electro galvanization?

There are two primary methods by which the protective coating (a layer of Zinc over Steel) is given; Hot Dip or Electro Galvanization. In the Hot Dip Method, the steel is dipped in a bath of molten Zinc whereas in Electro Galvanization, the Zinc is coated on steel through a process called electroplating.

The Hot Dip method is able to achieve much higher coating thickness and is suitable for applications like Chain Link Fence, since the product is exposed to the atmosphere at all times. Hot dipped wires will last much longer without corrosion, thereby being cheaper in the long run. Always ask for Chain Link Fence that have been coated using the Hot Dip Method.

Never buy Chain Link Fences that are made from non-galvanized wires. They will be prone to rusting.

3) Do you prefer a metallic look or need a colourful fencing solution?

Chain Link Fences are available in plan galvanized steel form as well as colourful PVC coated variety. Depending on the look you prefer, opt for one. PVC coated Chain Link Fence provide additional protection against corrosion as well.

4) Does the Chain Link Fence meet Indian Standards (IS 2721)?

You look for ISI mark in electrical appliances? Similarly, there are Indian Standards for Chain Link Fences as well! Insist on buying a product that manufactures as per Indian Standards.

Indian Standards for Chain Link Fences standardize the materials used, wire diameter and its tolerance, type of galvanization, type of twisting done to manufacture the product, mesh size, width, length etc. These parameters are very important for the Chain Link Fence to perform its function of asset protection. Indian Standards also standardize the testing to be done on the Chain Link Fence, thereby assuring quality.

5) What are the dimensions of the Chain Link Fence?

Chain Link Fences are specified based on the mesh sizes, height and wire size used to make the product. A smaller mesh size, taller fence and thicker wire would provide better protection from intrusion. However, the choice depends on the application. A home would require more protection than an open playground, for example. Always choose the appropriate and compare the prices of Chain Link Fence of same specifications.

6) Is the Chain Link Fence manufactured using modern machines with latest technology ?

Chain Link Fence manufactured through basic machines usually fail to meet Indian Standards. The quality will tend to vary, leaving you disappointed afterwards. Have a look at the product; if the mesh sizes vary over the fence or the knots are not proper, the product may not have been manufactured with latest technology.

7) Is the Chain Link Fence from a reputed brand?

Finally, make sure you buy from a trusted brand. Has the brand been in existence for a long time? Is the product available easily at leading retailers? Do they manufacture in India using latest technology? Using a smartphone, you can do a quick search at the shop