Water, in liquid or vapour form, can cause immense harm to a concrete building. Concrete allows water to enter through capillaries either under hydrostatic pressure or by capillary action. To overcome this situation, it is imperative to produce concrete with minimum permeability. This is possible with the usage of high-quality integral waterproofing admixtures.

Integral waterproofing admixtures are added to the concrete or cement plaster at the time of initial mixing. They are a great choice for protecting a building from the ‘inside’. They fill the small voids within concrete and plaster, breaking the capillaries that tend to take the water into the structure.

GODRY UNIPROOF is an integral waterproofing liquid admixture that minimises water-permeability and increases waterproofing properties of concrete and sand-cement mortars. It also reduces water-demand and improves cohesiveness, workability, and durability of concrete and plaster mixes.

Advantages of using GODRY UNIPROOF are:

  • Minimizes Water Permeability: Reduces the permeability of water in concrete and mortar.
  • Reduced Water Demand: Reduces the water requirement in mix design and makes the mix more cohesive.
  • Improves Workability: Improves compaction of concrete and mortar.
  • Improves Concrete Quality: Minimizes porosity and honeycombing, and produces denser concrete.
  • Reduced Shrinkage: Reduces development of shrinkage cracks in concrete and mortar.
  • Corrosion Resistant: No added chloride, hence does not attack re-bars.
  • Compatibility: Can be used with all types & grades of cements, except high alumina cement.

Applications of UNIPROOF
It can be used in areas where water can potentially attack the concrete, such as: 

  • Basements
  • Roof slabs & Screeds
  • External plastering
  • Bathroom floors
  • Water tanks
  • Sumps
  • Drains

GODRY UNIPROOF conforms to IS:2645 (integral waterproofing compounds) and IS:9103 (concrete admixtures standards).

For more information about GODRY UNIPROOF, please visit www.godry.co.in.