We are excited to announce the launch of our new waterproofing brand – GODRY.

Water is a vital resource for human survival. However, it is also a building’s greatest enemy. Humidity in the air, rain water, ground water, leakages, seepages and surface water can cause rapid, extensive and irreversible damage to buildings.

At VNC Group, we truly believe that good quality waterproofing is an essential part of any home. A waterproof home enables its occupants to live a trouble-free, healthy lifestyle. Such a home is low on maintenance, saving costly repairs over the period of its life.

Our desire to enhance the lives of our customers is the driving force behind the launch our exclusive waterproofing solutions brand. The GODRY range of products are suitable for waterproofing of new homes or repairing existing ones. The range includes solutions for a wide variety of applications in a building such as the foundation, roof, columns & pillars, external & internal walls, bathrooms, water tanks, sun shades, etc.

The name GODRY communicates the outcome of the product’s application to the customers and the logo reflects the purpose of the product’s existence.

For more information about GODRY, please visit www.godry.co.in.