Most walls are cut to install pipes, be it plumbing or electrical. The area where pipes move into the wall is called pipe penetration. And these pipe penetration holes are then filled with mortar after installing the pipes.

What causes pipe penetration leakages?

Have you probably noticed water seeping out the walls where the pipe lines are located? During construction, people often ignore proper sealing of areas where pipes extend into the foundation walls. Due to corrosion and hydrostatic pressure around the pipe, strength of the concrete deteriorates. Water essentially passes through the weakened concrete and causes leakage. If untreated, this may deteriorate the concrete and decrease the service life of the structure.

In this article, let us dive deeper into the warning signs of pipe penetrations issues and watertight pipe sealing with GODRY MAXCOAT 1X.

The warning signs of pipe penetration issues are as follows:

  • Water leakage – Leaks around the pipe penetrations
  • Visible stains – Stains in the wall where pipe pass through the foundation walls
  • Mold – Dampness in the wall may cause mold growth, over a period of time
warning signs of pipe penetration

Create a watertight pipe seal with GODRY MAXCOAT 1X

GODRY MAXCOAT 1X, is a SBR based bonding and waterproofing agent. MAXCOAT 1X offers the following features:

  • Excellent bonding
  • Improved water resistance
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Increased tensile and flexural strength
  • Non- toxic and easy to use

Click here to watch the step by step procedure for watertight pipe sealing with GODRY MAXCOAT 1X.

Building a home is a dream filled with expectations for all of us. Whether building a new home or renovating an existing one, waterproofing it will keep the building strong and healthy.

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