Bathrooms are the areas that frequently exposed to wetness. While constructing or renovating a bathroom, many people miss the essential step of waterproofing them. Water leakage is a grave problem that needs to be immediately addressed by using the right waterproofing solution.

Four good reasons to waterproof your bathrooms!

  1. Stops Leaks:
    Water will find its quickest way through the cracks developed and can easily seep through the floor and walls. Thusly, waterproofing will provides an effective protection for the substrate against decay and water-damage.
  2. Prevents seepage and mold growth:
    Waterproofing acts as a barrier between the layers of flooring and prevents the water seepage and stops the occurrence of fungus.
  3. Avoids Repairs:
    Waterproofing helps to avoid expensive repairs as leaky bathrooms will cause short circuits and peeling of paint.
  4. Increases the propertys value:
    Persistent water leakage affects structural integrity to the building thereby reducing its value. Waterproofing aids in combating water leaks thereby adds value to your property.

Two-Component elastometric waterproofing
When thinking about waterproofing, the first step is to identify the root cause of the problem. Once identified, it becomes an effortless process to waterproof your bathroom with durable solutions. The clever approach of waterproofing bathrooms is two-component elastomeric waterproofing. This will act as a protective shield for concrete and masonry surfaces that form the base for laying of tiles, granites and other kinds of flooring. It will also function as a strong, non-toxic adhesive to cementitious surfaces with resistance to the chlorides commonly found in Indian bathrooms.

Say Hello To GODRY MAXCOAT 2X! waterproof your bathrooms

GODRY MAXCOAT 2X is a ready to use two component elastomeric waterproof and protective coating for concrete and masonry surfaces. Just like a vaccine taken at childhood protects a person from diseases, MAXCOAT 2X protects a building from water right through its lifetime.

Advantages of GODRY MAXCOAT 2X:

  • Provides durable waterproof coating, even when water is under high pressure
  • Cures and dries faster than single-component systems, including in challenging humid conditions
  • Offers strong adhesion on concrete or other masonry surfaces

Application areas:

Waterproofing and elastomeric sealants go hand in hand as they are best for water retaining areas, GODRY MAXCOAT 2X can be used in waterproofing bathrooms, swimming pools, water tanks, sewage treatment plants and others.

Ultimately, waterproofing your bathrooms by using two-component elastomeric sealants will keep your family safe from the unhealthy effects of leakages.

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